Wholesale Distribution

We carry a full line of fruits and vegetables, and other perishable products. Whether you are a chain or independent retailer, white tablecloth restaurant, institutional/food service buyer, or food processor, we offer the finest quality, unparalleled customer service, and greatest value available in our region.


Freshpack Produce has the most comprehensive, Farm Direct organic program in the state of Colorado. Schools, hospitals, restaurants and retail all partner with Freshpack in supporting the farmers who have chosen to steward the land through organic farming practices. Our organic farming partners have aligned with agricultural principals that strive to return the soil they farm to full fertility, to promote ecological balance and protect biodiversity. as a result you get the freshest, purest fruits and vegetables available.
The Freshpack Produce warehouse is Certified Organic under the National Organic Program (NOP) by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Locally Grown

Freshpack is fully committed to Colorado’s local Agriculture.

While the snow is still on the ground Freshpack buyers meet our farming partners to discuss planting schedules and product varieties to be grown for Freshpack Produce customers. These personal relationships allow the farmers to grow with confidence, knowing they will have a reliable outlet for their produce. 'Farm Direct Relationships' is at the core of Freshpack’s local program and our commitment to sustainability. Some of the benefits of buying local, besides the freshness and vitality of the products are keeping our footprint small, ensuring the farmers receive fair exchange for their labors, supporting the regional food system and guaranteeing the dollars spent on growing fresh fruits and vegetables in Colorado, stay in Colorado.


We can provide product repacked to your unique specifications. For Grower/Shippers, we can be that “way station” when you have product that needs to be re-worked into more optimal selling condition.

Washing & Sorting

Our HACCP approved washing operation guarantees safe, efficiently cleaned product delivered as promised at a consistently excellent level.

Freight-Backhaul-Logistics and Consolidation

Freshpack will soon be operating a logistics service covering forhauls and backhauls. Freshpack has trucks spread out over Colorado several times a week with the capability to handle your logistical and freight needs back to Denver or the surrounding areas. Most of our trucks are staffed with teams, so we can provide a quick efficient turnaround.